Number Of Calories You Need To Eat In A Day

Number Of Calories You Need To Eat In A Day

In a study it have found the calories depend upon how an individual eat his food. More clearly you will get more calories out of your food as much as you chew the food.

Requirement of  calories from the food depend on many factors like an individual age, height ,size,overall health and life style. For example a male of 22 year with 6 2 inc require more calories then 5ft 4 inc women of 56 years.

Recommended Daily Calorie Intakes

Daily calories intakes that is recommend for and individual are varies around the world. Keeping his weight constant an average male in UK needs 2500 and  2000 for women per day. While in USA it is 2700 and 2200 calories in day for male and female  respectively .

A study found that globally an average  individual require 1700 calories in a day.  Similarly average of 700 calories is recommended for losing weight  and minimize your risk for high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

Difference Between Calories And Kilocalories(kcal).

As according to science principles one kilocalories is equal to 1000 calories .  But it has same meaning whether it is calories or kilocalories (kcal).

The Human Body And Energy Usage

Energy is require for an individual to live Alive. It is found around 20% of our energy we use for our brain metabolism. And most of the remaining energy we use for basic metabolic needs and circulation of breathing and blood.

In hot weather We require less in energy then in cold. Because  in cold our metabolism needs more energy to make heat and maintain our temperature. Human needs mechanical energy too for moving around and posture.

Our body can produce energy by making carbon dioxide by reacting oxygen with glucose. This energy is depend upon the type of food which individual eaten and physical energy which used for this. In simple word we need energy to be alive, whether we move or not.

Calories And Different Diets

Health professional suggest it is wrong for your health that an individual are just count calories and dont care what he/she  put in their mouth.

Studies are found after intake of carbohydrates  the level of insulin greatly increase as compare to protein and fats. In case of weight control  slow release carbs are find helpful then fast release carbs.


Another explanation of diet salad, meat/fish and olive oil having 500 calories are more better for an individual health  then 500 calories of toffee, butter and popcorn. But salad,meat and olive oil should have be follow by fruits.

Individuals that are facing obesity keep in mind there are a lot of diets program that claim of getting control over obesity. But reality is that not all of them are working as the said. And if worked that will sure for short term.


diet can be describe as a program or routine of drinking and eating which enable you to control over weight loss while maintaining you as healthy as you should.

Medical news suggest some diet program which is popular around the internet  which include Atkins Diet,The Zone Diet,Vegetarian Diet,Vegan Diet,Weight Watchers Diet,South Beach Diet,Raw Food Diet and Mediterranean Diet.

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