Keyword Competition Analysis: Important Factors to Take Note

Nowadays, one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is keyword competition analysis. It is not enough to just feed your keywords into your contents. You should also make sure that the keywords you use can compete with the competitors. Fortunately, there is a tool that you can use for this. That tool is called the keyword competition analysis tool, which is just one of the free SEO tools provided by the SEO Tool Station. In addition to that, this article will discuss to you the important factors that you need to take note when doing a keyword competition analysis.

Page Title

When you search your keywords on search engines like Google for example, the top ten websites related to that search keyword will be displayed on screen. Take note that those websites whose contents have titles containing the keyword you used to search are highly competitive. Otherwise, they are not competitive. So if your website page is displayed among the top ten results of a keyword search and your title contains the keyword, then you are using a highly competitive keyword.

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Tags on the Page

If the keyword is included in the page’s subheadings or image alt tags, then that means the page can be quite competitive because the owner may have invested for SEO tools to upgrade the ranking of that page as indicated by the location of the keyword or terms related to it. However, do not be intimidated with pages like these. They are just neither strong nor weak in terms of keyword competition. You still have a chance of competing with them.

Contents of the Page

One of the most important aspects of SEO is the provision of high quality articles or contents. So as much as focusing on keywords, you should also make sure that the contents you post are human readable and really relevant to be read. Otherwise, your website will flop due to low quality contents getting posted.

Page Ranking

The rank of the page is also another factor to consider when it comes to assessing keyword competition. Pages with a PR of 4 or more are those that are highly competitive. Try to look for keywords that will result to the first ten pages having a PR of 1. This will help you rank high on search engines when you use that particular keyword.


Backlinking is yet another important factor to consider when focusing on SEO. When you submit other articles to similar websites or blogs, you have to provide backlinks so as to gather traffic from other websites into your web pages.

Now, you know which factors to focus on when doing a keyword competition analysis for SEO purposes, then incorporate these while you use the keyword competition analysis tool, which is one of the free SEO tools available from the SEO Tool Station.