How to look hot in this chilly winter?

Do you think just revamping your wardrobe with a variety of scarves, jackets, coats, gloves, and shoes is enough for you to look hot in the chilly winter? No, they are not. You need to wear some ordinary things specially to promote that hotness in the cold and also stay warm and not give up on the cold outside. Do you also want to look hot even when it is too cold outside?

Read the article and follow the tips to deal with the cold weather in style….

  1.    Dress in layers

Layering is a must in winters as it protects you from the cold outside and therefore is always in trend. What you need to know is how to creatively handle the layering for yourself so that it gets noticed. You can always try a jacket over a sweater over a high or turtleneck or maybe a skirt over a pair of jeans or pants or match the collars and wear a jacket over a buttoned shirt over a polo. And of course, add the final layer of the coat if you are heading out.


  1.    Find coats and invest in the ones which are perfect for you

A coat is something which you will be wearing the most. It goes over anything and everything and can be your best friend. Hence take out time and choose the coat which will not only keep you warm but also reflect your style statement with fashion. You might choose a cute 60’s coat to promote a vintage look or a padded jacket in lively colours or maybe a simple woollen cardigan. Do not forget to belt your coats which not only gives them a new life but also says a lot about your fashion sense and style and makes you look hot, classy and different.


  1.    Let your shoes do the talking

Boots are a must in winters but what is more important is choosing the boots with the right size of heels, colours, chains, laces etc. and let your boot steal the show. You can wear over-the-knee boots with a short dress or ankle shoes with cuffed jeans or a dress and of course snow boots to deal snowing.


  1.    How can you ignore fur?

Winter is the time for which the fur lovers wait desperately so that they can try on and embrace fur with anything to have fun and give a different look to the outfit altogether. Try fur collars, vests, tops or coats to give life to your winter attire.


  1.    Experiment with scarves

We all know that scarves can be simply wrapped and worn around the neck. But have you ever wondered and tried the various ways a scarf can be used? You can try to tie it around your head, as a belt on the jacket, on shoulders etc. Just surf the net, and you will be amazed to know the innumerable ways a scarf can be used to promote style!!


  1.    Play with accessories

Try on pretty necklaces (long ones over your fitted pullovers), watches, bracelets, earrings, handbags and yes, a hat. While getting yourself those coats and boots, do not forget to buy yourself a winter hat, put it on and enjoy its look next time you walk out.


So, even when the weather changes to cold and rainy days, with these tips on hand you need not worry about your style and about how to look hot. It is a bit harder but of course possible to look good even during darkest days of winters. So, just follow and try these tips and do not let yourself be left noticeably not-hot when you can look one!!!


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