DVR-207 Dash Cameras

The DVR-207 sprint cam is an update to the very popular DVR-027 sprint cam. It turned into released in early 2013 and is derived within the equal case because the DVR-027. The DVR-207 additionally makes use of the same Zoran teach 12MDV ZR364249BGCG processor. This digital camera has a 1440x1080p resolution at 15fps however this seems to be interpolated. The 1280x720p resolution promises the first-class video for this digital camera. the principle benefit of this more recent model over the DVR-027 is that it has no gaps among video documents.

generally, there are no publicly to be had equipment to extract the firmware on Zoran based totally gadgets. as a result, while purchasing this camera, you may possibly now not be able to improve the firmware within the future. If firmware files grow to be quite simply available, we are able to publish them here consisting of the system on how to upgrade.

Regarded problems

The unique DVR-027 has validated to be quite reliable. much less information is available in this unique model however there had been some mentioned issues:

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Does not work / Crashing / Black screen

Try and take away battery, and reinstall.
attempt to reformat SD card in windows, on the grounds that formatting within the digicam might not work continually.
DVR-207: FAT32 and area size 32kb.
DVR-027: FAT32 and zone length 64kb.
try and alternate SD card to every other. It’s encouraged to use widely known manufacturers and class 10 (10 MB/sec)
picture is bumpy / now not sharp

Please strive the subsequent settings:

– Video nice: 720p 30fps
– Clip size: five minute
– motion detection: off
– IR: off
– EV: no exchange

Radio interference

numerous proprietors have indicated that the DVR charger may additionally reason radio interference issues, you can try and trade the charger to some other or ask vendor to deliver you a higher one. the vendor has indicated that devices transport after March sixteen, 2013 might be packed with new charger, which have to restoration the troubles.

Gaps between clips

ensure motion detection is off in any other case the digital camera will generate gaps between clips.

exposure stage

a few customers are indicating the publicity level of the digicam does now not paintings well. the subsequent video indicates what happens while going under a bridge.

The hassle is that the lens does now not have any optical shielding. A easy solution is to attach a bit of black velcro above the lens to accurate. See this put up for in addition info.

Decode Firmware quantity

The firmware range incorporates the discharge date of the firmware and model in the following format YY MM DD N, wherein YY – yr, MM – month, DD – day, N – firmware model. for instance, if the firmware wide variety is 1207310, it may be decoded

Need to I purchase?

This camera has some enhancements over the original DVR-027 along with no gaps among video files. while this digital camera is a bit dated and video nice isn’t any where close to as top as the recent 1080p cameras, the fee is tough to overcome. For $forty five, that is the low priced digicam, but we suggest spending some greater greenbacks and purchasing the G1W.

Purchase for lowest rate

be aware that there are a number of fakes of this digital camera round. All indicators are that the providers underneath are selling the actual version with the Zoran teach 12MDV ZR364249BGCG processor.