Certified Translation Services

When a legal document must be translated to be produced at an institution or an institution must keep their legal value: in this case you need the certified translation (or sworn translation or sworn translations). It takes place both in court and at the Justice of the peace, or before a notary.

Our translation agency, operating throughout Italy, guarantees a professional and competent service of sworn translations in all major world languages. If you need legal translation of documents such as identity cards, diplomas, certificates and other official documents, contact us will save you time and money. We will give you full translations are ready to be used in the international arena.

Sworn translations of all kinds and for all needs

Legal services the demand for certified translations is becoming increasingly frequent.

Border boundaries are felled and today’s reality is increasingly multiethnic, so more and more often it is necessary to translate legal documents so that they can be presented in foreign countries. Therefore the translation validated in court takes on greater importance.

The sworn translations of our Agency works on:


Identity documents;

Personal certificates (such as birth certificate or birth certificate);



Official statements;

Marriage or divorce certificates;

Educational qualifications (diplomas, school certificates, school reports..);

Financial statements and deeds;

Driving licenses and booklets;

Professional certificates and résumés;

Criminal certificates, judgments, judicial, court documents;

Medical certificates and medical expenses


The sworn expert reports and translations

After the translation of the legal document the translator swears an oath, testifying that he kept to the original content and translated without ulterior motives, omissions, nor formal defects. But the sworn translation is still far from over.

This oath is formalized on a record called sworn translation, which is delivered together with the original document and the translation at the court registry. Following the placing of some Court stamps, a stamp from €16 every 100 rows of the package and and the translator’s signature and the Chancellor, you have a certified translation of full legal effect.

The translation Agency makes sworn in court every day in every part of Italy, sending then by courier the original documents to its customers in the destinations where they want to receive them.

Our clients are all over Italy: Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Genoa and all major Italian cities require our sworn translations that are performed at the Court of Udine and delivered throughout the territory.

The timing to receive a certified translation will vary depending on the volume of translations and languages.

For a Chinese translation of a document by a European language pages 2/3 we ship the translation within 4 working days.

If it’s for complete practice with a legalization

If the sworn translation go presented at an institution or an administration or foreign Institution may need to complete the legal practice with legalization. This stamp is a certification of signature you must affix after certification.