Bluetooth headphones

The acoustic system is one of the most important elements of a personal computer, and for electronics in general the best Bluetooth headphones. It is from the sound of the device that we in turn perceive information, and the more qualitative it is, the more pleasant it is by hearing. In the last article we already chose headphones with you , sorting out the variants of possible options. In this same material, we will dwell in detail on the choice of wireless headphones, both in a more convenient format of the acoustic system …

Wireless headphones are an excellent choice for those people who are inconvenienced by wires from headphones that limit movement and freedom of movement.

bluetooth headphones

Types of communication in wireless headphones:

  • Radio headphones ;
  • Bluetooth-headphones ;
  • Headphones with audio transmission using infrared communication .
  1. Radio headphonesare the most “long-range” ones. They can be used at the longest distance from the transmitter (up to 100 m), depending on the model of headphones. But the claimed range is appropriate only in the open space and with a significant deterioration in sound quality. But for use within, let’s say a two-room apartment, these headphones will be an ideal option. In addition, the transmission of the signal is not affected by visible obstructions, such as walls and partitions in the apartment. However, the signal in this type of headphone is most susceptible to interference from various household appliances.
  2. Bluetooth headphones– a trade-off between the best rated Bluetooth headphones that use infrared communication. Their range is only 10 meters, but they are not afraid of visible obstacles or radio interference. In addition, the advantage of these headphones is that they can be used with various devices. This is a personal computer, and an audio player, and a tablet or smartphone.
  3. IR headphones, which use an infrared port to transmit audio, are also immune from interference and electromagnetic radiation. But the range of their action should be in the line of sight with the transmitter. These headphones are the cheapest among wireless.

Wireless headphones or headset?

If you often make video and audio calls, communicate on the Internet, and want to use headphones for talking on mobile devices, you should pay attention to the wireless headset. These are the same wireless headphones, but which are already equipped with a microphone. The sound quality in the headset is slightly inferior to the sound quality in the headphones. Therefore, if the main criterion is the quality of sound – you need to purchase high-grade headphones. If the main goal is voice communication, you should pay attention to the headset.

What kind of wireless headphones to buy for home?

This question can be answered based on what is more important for you in headphones. If this is the use of headphones at the maximum distance from the transmitter – it is worth stopping the choice on the radio headphones. If the goal – the best sound quality, in this case, you need to choose a headset with signal transmission via Bluetooth headphones or infrared port.